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Design Process

UX design pro with a passion for clear and effective experiences. My recent work includes building a design system (pattern library and scalable design team) for a fashion marketplace, a digital rebrand for an outdoor gear retailer, usability audit of a Rolex retailer site, and crafting of a luminosity-style VR brain training application for a European Startup.

Roland is someone that you immediately understand has passion for technology and innovative solutions. He possesses an empathy-driven design process and deep understanding of behavioral patterns for users. I think he understands software products holistically and understands the balance between business needs and user-centered design solutions. I connected with Roland originally due to his keen eye for accessible and inclusive experiences across desktop mobile and immersive technology. I wholeheartedly recommend him, he has the drive for results that I seek for people that I work with.

Thomas Logan Owner of Equal Entry, ADA WCAG Section 508 Accessibility Consultant

The cornerstones of a great user experience


Is your product/website/platform useful in any way? Does it improve the user’s life?


Ease of use. Is your product usable? If it’s too complicated or confusing to use, you will lose. Usability metrics assist in producing a system or product that is neither under- nor over-engineered.


Does your product connect with the user? The value of image, identity, brand (voice/tone), and other elements of emotional design play a crucial role in becoming a part of the user’s life.


Based on the principles of universal design, including people with disabilities (more than 10% of the population) is today a critical aspect of the company’s values and the sustainability of their products.


Are users finding the things they are looking for? Is the product easy to navigate and is the location of objects and resources effortless?


Does the user trust your service? Does the user believe in what your products are promising? Knowing the design elements that influence the credibility is crucial to set you apart whether the trust in your service/product is presumed, reputed, surfaced, or earned.


Does your product spark delight? Does your user experience advance the company’s mission, contribute to the bottom line and improve customer satisfaction?

Vonage VR Case Study

It was a rare pleasure working with Roland. Roland is not only a ridiculously skilled VR expert, but also, very easy to work with. Together, we went over a very abstract mission statement for a VR project, identified opportunities, created a language and a go to plan and, built the VR experience. Roland consistently demonstrated professionalism and ability to communicate with stakeholder to the successful delivery. The end result was so well received that, the company I worked for, hired Roland for additional, higher-scope projects. I will definitely recommend Roland for any XR/VR/AR project and role, and will welcome any opportunity working with him in the future.

Zach (Tzahi) Efrati, Senior Director of Innovation & Research at Vonage

From Ideation to Product – Presentation Slides

View WebXR as a Sales Tool – Converting Visitors to Clients on Notist.

Design Processes and Methods

Double Diamond Design Diagram by The Design Council
GV Design Sprint Process (one-week problem solving)
IDEO Human-Centered Design Thinking Process
Stanford’s Design Thinking Model