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Design Process

I’m a UX design professional with a passion for clear and effective experiences.¬†From problem definition,¬†workshopping, and team leadership to defining a scalable design pipeline, I do it all and love it all.

My recent work includes …

  • building an internal product design process for a software as a service (SaaS) data visualization platform, converting a sales demo into a selling product
  • building a design system (incl. pattern library and scalable design team) for a two-sided fashion marketplace
  • leading a digital rebrand for an outdoor gear retailer
  • conducting a usability audit of a Rolex retailer site
  • crafting the proof of concept (POC) of a luminosity-style virtual reality (VR) brain training game for a European startup
Problem framing in the pre – sprint phase (Day 0) is a crucial factor for goal setting and alignment

Case Studies

Here are some great clients I’ve been lucky to work with …

Roland is someone that you immediately understand has passion for technology and innovative solutions. He possesses an empathy-driven design process and a deep understanding of behavioral patterns for users. I think he understands software products holistically and understands the balance between business needs and user-centered design solutions. I connected with Roland originally due to his keen eye for accessible and inclusive experiences across desktop mobile and immersive technology. I wholeheartedly recommend him, he has the drive for results that I seek for people that I work with.

Thomas Logan Owner of Equal Entry, ADA WCAG Section 508 Accessibility Consultant

Roland and I worked together for eight years selling, designing, and building dozens of mobile apps and backend platforms for Fortune 500’s, large consumer brands and technology startups. He’s an immensely talented developer and digital designer. His ability to collaborate and guide ensures that every project he touches is meticulously assembled and thoughtfully executed. His passion for digital is infectious and motivates everyone around him. He’s a natural mentor, skilled leader, and insatiably curious person who’s always learning something new. From WebVR to the latest in mobile design philosophies, Roland brings resourcefulness to everything he tackles. 

Phillip Reyland Co-founder @taprecruit