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Dead Century: Mosaic

“Mosaic” is a globe-spanning, monster-fighting, mystery-solving puzzle role-playing game and graphic novel. You command a small team of archaeologists as they try to stay one step ahead of Third Reich scientists in piecing together an ancient mystery from the dawn of human civilization. The story is divided into downloadable episodes, each featuring a new region to explore and new plot developments. Dynamic puzzle-based combat and a robust customizable command system keep the gameplay exciting.

View the Storybook Slide Prototype

Kickstarter Campaign 2014

We released a teaser game to advertise for the Kickstarter campaign:

Featured in the press:

“Dead Century fights monsters, heteronormativity with beautiful RPG game” By Erin Griffith, Pando Daily, December 27, 2013

  • Client: Science Brigade Inc.
  • Scope: UX, Gameplay, User Flows, Production
  • Year: 2014