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Principles & Methods

The cornerstones of a great user experience


Is your product / website / platform useful in any way?
Does it improve the user’s life?


Ease of use. Is your product usable?
If it’s too complicated or confusing to use, you will lose. Usability metrics assist in producing a system or product that is neither under- nor over-engineered.


Does your product connect with the user?
The value of image, identity, brand (voice/tone), and other elements of emotional design play a crucial role in becoming a part of the user’s life.


Based on the principles of universal design, including people with disabilities (more than 10% of the population) is today a critical aspect of the company’s values and the sustainability of their products.


Does the user trust your service? Does the user believe in what your products are promising?
Knowing the design elements that influence the credibility is crucial to set you apart whether the trust in your service/product is presumed, reputed, surfaced, or earned.


Does your product spark delight?
Does your user experience advance the company’s mission, contribute to the bottom line and improve customer satisfaction?

Design Processes and Methods

Double Diamond Design Diagram by The Design Council
GV Design Sprint Process (one-week problem solving)
IDEO Human-Centered Design Thinking Process
Stanford’s Design Thinking Model